"Your products are amazing!  After the first week offering Parry Botanicals, I received this from one of my customers: I'm proud to say, even today my head feels so much better.  Goodness I haven't felt this good since my first chemo treatment June 1st!  Between chemo and forced menopause, my scalp has been burning and awakens me 4-6 times a night.  Every. Night.  Not sweating-just so very hot to touch. I've changed pillows, pillow cases, fans, thermostat-nothing had worked.  Immediately at appointment time, I felt so much better and have continued to do so.  And I slept ALL NIGHT on Saturday.  Which is the first time in 2 months.  It's starting to return but I already have my next appointment booked, so I'm not even sweating it! I'm so thankful and blessed to have you!! This is one of only a million reasons you are amazing. 


Tracy Justice,

Oncology Trained Esthetician

Haughton, LA

- Tracy Justice, Oncology Trained Esthetician

Haughton, LA

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