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Founder Elizabeth K. Parry has always had a love of quality beauty products.

In early two thousand, her passion flourished when she created her first product in her very own kitchen with her KitchenAid mixer. Years later, she decided to make a difference when she was diagnosed with significant allergies and autoimmune issues. It was at this time that she began working with chemists to develop a product line made from the highest quality ingredients that were so pure and healthy that it could be used on all skin types.

Our mission is to offer products that make you feel good inside and out. Parry Botanicals is about healthy skin and body care you can trust. All our products are fragrance and dye free with no parabens, and no animal testing. We use only recyclable products that are environmentally friendly.


In our skincare products you will find the purest forms of vitamin E and vitamin A that fight free radicals, natural Shea Butter for superior moisture, Mango Seed oils that increase skin's elasticity, as well as a long list of 100% natural ingredients and pure botanical seed extracts.  We pride ourselves on delivering the healthiest healing skincare on the market. Once you try it, you’ll see and feel the Parry difference.

Elizabeth resides in Houston, Texas with her Medical Physicist husband Robert and their four year old son.

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